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Polycarbonate (Lexan)

Mechanical Properties

Polycarbonate is today's standard material of choice for protective glazing.

Very high impact resistance — some grades can be bulletproof (see below).

Polycarbonate sheets can be bent while cold to simple curvatures and held to the radius by springing the material into a curved framing or retention system. (Recommended minimum radius of curvature is 100 times sheet thickness).

Lexgard laminates are especially designed to be shatterproof and bulletproof in recommended thicknesses. Useful for containment and security areas: basks, kiosks, control rooms, guard stations…wherever forced entry protection is critical.

Thermal Properties

Translucent Lexan Profiled Sheet has a special double-wall construction, providing up to 40% better thermal insulation versus single-layer glazing materials. It has a special anti- UV coating, and is specially designed for sloped glazing, skylights, and greenhouse glazing.

Environmental Resistance

All grades of Polycarbonate sheet are essentially opaque to wavelengths below 385 manometers. This makes it perfect for protecting art objects, display merchandise and fabrics from harmful UV radiation.

Certain grades, such as Lexan Solar are especially resistant to the hazing and yellowing effects of continuous exposure to sunlight.

Margard Lexan is especially well-suited for locations where clarity and aesthetics must be maintained under physically abusive environments. High abrasion resistance and toughness. Warranted against breakage - graffiti and grime clean right off.


Lexan is also available in Protect-a-Glaze sheeting, in a variety of textures where glare- free light transmission and privacy are needed.