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Delrin (Acetal)

Mechanical Properties

Delrin behaves like most engineering materials in that as temperature increases, elongation increases and strength decreases. Delrin has a tensile strength at room temperature of 10,000 psi, no true yield point and a stiff flexural modulus of 410,000 psi.

Delrin has outstanding fatigue resistance, almost indefinitely withstanding cyclic compressive/tensile stressing 5,000 psi.

Delrin does not permanently deform or retain dents, and has good impact toughness. The higher molecular weight resin formulations will deliver even greater toughness.

The Delrin-steel coefficient of friction is very low (0.1-0.3), and friction values remain virtually unchanged over a wide range of temperatures, loads and relative surface speeds.

Thermal Properties

Good strength retention at elevated temperatures: at 200° F, tensile strength is 2,000 psi and flexural modulus is 180,000.

Delrin does not use plasticizing for toughness: and so does not become brittle at low temperatures. Impact resistance at -40° F is only 20% less than that at room temperature.

Delrin's upper service temperatures are: 180° F in air, 150° F in water, with brief peaks to 250° F.

Chemical Properties

Delrin has great resistance to organic solvents, in fact, there are virtually no common solvents for Delrin at temperatures under 160° F. However, environments involving strong acids, bases or oxidizing agents are not suitable for this material.

Excellent staining and discoloration resistance at temperatures under 160° F.

Delrin is perfect for underground applications, as it is not attacked by insects, rodents or fungi.

Electrical Properties

An excellent dielectric, Delrin has remarkably low dissipation factors and dielectric constants over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures.

Delrin retains good electrical properties in high humidity and even during complete immersion in water.